TEDxHumboldtBay: “OUTLAWS”

People, places, and events off the straight and narrow.       Event  took place Sunday, December 7, 2014

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Ali Freedlund

Something Kinda Wild

Betty Chinn

Helping the Homeless

Dante DiGenova

Read an F@!*ing Book

Diana Totten

Finding Yourself: A Tracker’s Guide

Jennifer Savage

State Law vs. The Wild West

Kintay Johnson

American As Apple Pie

Lisa Rossbacher

Why science has to be wrong: A journey to the center of the Earth

Mike Dronkers

How to Interview “Almost” Anyone

Rebecca Kimbel

Financing Polygamy

Ron Samuels

It’s All About The Sound

Spencer Ruelos

Embracing Your Outlaw, Transforming Our World

Tamarah Gehlen

Hanging up the Cape: Overcoming Superwoman Syndrome

Amy Bohner

…Like A Girl

Brian Smith

Socially Acceptable

Dean Schubert

Tattooing: Outlaw or Indigenous?

Jasmine Allard

Self-Worth and Where to Find It

Linda Stansberry

The Merry Spinster

Mary Gelinas

How We Talk Matters

Paul Gallegos

Attitude is Everything

Sherae O’Shaunessy

Renegade Mother

Stephen Cunha

High Priority: Protecting Mountain Environments

Elayna Kuster

How I Became a Feminist

Travis Woo

Games People Play

Ryann Citro-Hough

Feel free to express yourself through body art designs

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