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All press requests should be sent to Laura Montagna at Laura Montagna is the official spokesperson for TEDxHumboldtBay. Please note that TEDx event organizers are not able to speak for the TED Conference. Any inquiry regarding the TED organization should be sent to: Melody Serafino, TEDx Media Liaison at

While we appreciate any coverage, we kindly ask that all journalists and/or bloggers be respectful of the difference between the TED and TEDx brands. The ‘x’ in ‘TEDx’ stands for “independently organized events.” Any headline or text which implies “TED” is coming to Humboldt County is misleading. For more information visit

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Past TEDx Events in Humboldt

TEDxHumboldtBay 2016 – Media Coverage

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TEDxHumboldtBay 2014 – Media Coverage

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TEDxYouth@HumboldtBay 2013 – Media Coverage

TEDxEureka 2012 – Media Coverage

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