Sofia Perriera

Why Running for Office is Worth the Risk

Sofia Pereira is an elected official, “policy wonk,” and expert in women’s political leadership. She brings years of political organizing experience to She Should Run, a national organization dedicated to expanding the talent pool of women running for elected office. As the community manager, Sofia oversees the She Should Run Incubator, supporting thousands of women across the country as they consider running for office. Prior to joining She Should Run, Sofia served as a field representative for Assemblymember Wesley Chesbro in Humboldt, Del Norte, and Trinity counties, and as a legislative analyst for the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services where she focused on state and federal policy ranging from social services to health care. Sofia has direct campaign experience having worked on political campaigns at the local and congressional level. Sofia is a 2014 graduate of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale, after which she ran successfully for the Arcata City Council, where she currently serves as Vice Mayor. During her time on the city council, Sofia has moved forward initiatives to make Arcata a zero waste city, to strengthen collaboration with Humboldt State University (HSU), and to leverage the use of technology to improve government. Sofia holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication, and she is currently studying the role of women in politics as a Public Sociology graduate student at HSU. In her free time, Sofia enjoys spending time with her family and running in the great outdoors of Humboldt County.

Nick Crapser

Three ‘E’s of ReEntry

Nicholas Crapser, Deputy Director of Sponsors, is a Ph.D. student in the Counselor Education and Supervision program at Oregon State University.  Nick is a state and nationally licensed addictions counselor, mental health counselor, and clinical supervisor.  He received his Master of Arts in Counseling, Bachelor of Science in Human Development, and has a specialized degree in Chemical Dependency Studies.  His workplace includes county drug courts, family treatment/dependency courts, and jail reentry programs as both a counselor and adviser.  He has worked in every modality of addictions and behavioral health treatment from medically managed detoxification and hospitalization to aftercare.  In addition to his time as adjunct professor, he spent a number of years working with a Washington based Indian Tribe providing behavioral health and addiction treatment services to Native American populations.  As Deputy Director of Sponsors, Nick works to ensure consistent and evidence based program delivery, provides clinical supervision and oversight to program directors, case managers and counselors. He works with the Executive Director to advocate on a state and national level for systemic changes to our nation’s justice system and to remove barriers to an individual’s successful reintegration back into our communities after periods of incarceration.


Jeffrey Delgadillo

Balance is the Art of Nature

A University of California Santa Barbara graduate with a degree in Psychology, Jeffrey gained a passion for health and wellness. As a fitness and yoga instructor, he developed an interest in how important balance is for our daily lives. Through meditation, he also made a connection between the individual and the world around them and how our actions have consequences that affect our environment. He aspires to inspire others to be the best version of themselves. And not just for themselves but for the people around them, the animals they share their space with and the environment they inhabit.



Kintay Johnson

Why You Should Take a DNA Test

Kintay Johnson has dedicated his educational career to helping those from disadvantaged backgrounds succeed academically and in life.  After eight years of military service, he began attending College of the Redwoods (CR) in Eureka, California.  While attending CR he worked as a Student Mentor in Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS); a social reform program established in 1969 in the California Community Colleges (CCC). EOPS encourages the state’s community colleges to develop programs and services to meet the unique educational needs of “English language learners as well as students with social, and economic disadvantages.” EOPS programs and services are “over, above, and in addition to” the regular educational programs of a California college.  As a student, Johnson was enrolled in, and benefited from, this program. He personally experienced its life changing effects and devoted himself to continue the tradition of helping students succeed and achieve their highest potential.

Kintay found his calling while working on behalf of students with unique needs.  He became involved in campus governance as a student at Humboldt State University (HSU), and served on the California State Student Association (CSSA) representing HSU and 400,000 students in the California State University system.  He discovered California’s Master Plan of Higher Education and would dedicate his life to the basic values of the plan to ensure quality education is accessible and affordable for all Californians.  After graduation, Kintay continued working for CR as the Assistant Director of Residential Life. Today he serves as CR’s Director of Special Programs.  He is a PhD ABD honor student and is working on his dissertation.  His passion is to ignite the drive to be successful in all students and inspire them to reach for their educational dreams.



Tomas Pueyo

Why Stories Captivate

Tomas Pueyo Brochard is the author of “The Star Wars Rings”, an Amazon Best Seller that analyzes the storytelling patterns that underpin great stories such as Star Wars, Beowulf, and Harry Potter.

He grew up in Europe, throughout France, Spain and Italy, as part of a family of filmmakers. Tomas was fascinated with the Why behind everything, he studied two MSc in Engineering from ICAI Madrid and Ecole Centrale Paris. After a few years of management consulting, he moved to America in 2008 to pursue his MBA at Stanford University. He specialized in Behavioral Psychology, Design, Storytelling, and Script writing in an effort to uncover how people think and why they think the way they do.

Since Stanford he has applied his knowledge to design, fabricate, and market products for companies throughout Silicon Valley. He has created video games enjoyed by millions and viral applications used by tens of millions. He is now in charge of Growth at SigFig, where he strives to make investments accessible and easily understood for the average person.



Vanessa Vrtiak

How To Save  A Life

Vanessa Vrtiak is a passionate community member driven by service to others. As a child of Humboldt County, Vanessa loved school and challenging the community she lived in. She graduated from Humboldt State University with a MA in Public Sociology in 2017. Vanessa works as the Programs Coordinator for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office in the daytime. By night she is the co-founder for A Reason to Listen Poetry Collective. Vanessa has co-hosted an open mic for the past 12 years. She has performed across the country in venues ranging from The Apollo Theater, The Nuyorican Poetry Cafe, and The Lensic in Santa Fe. In addition to being a performance poet, Vanessa has directed, produced, and starred in several plays that explore social and political issues. Vanessa believes in the power of performance to not only educate and inform but to heal from life’s unique challenges.



David Cobb

Cooperation Humboldt

David Keith Cobb is an American attorney, liberal political activist, campaign manager, and politician. He was the Green Party presidential candidate for the 2004 presidential general election. David is the co-founder of Move to Amend. He later became the campaign manager for fellow Green Party candidate Jill Stein during her presidential run in 2016.







Joyce Hinrichs

Kindergarten by the Numbers

Hon. Joyce D. Hinrichs. Judge Hinrichs is currently the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court of
California, County of Humboldt and of its Juvenile Court. Judge Hinrichs grew up in Humboldt County
knowing she wanted to be involved in Juvenile Justice, even though she did not know that is what it was
called at the time. She went away to college thinking she was never going to live in any rural part of the
State. Still, after graduating from the University of the Pacific with a B.A. in Psychology in 1980 and from
McGeorge School of the Law, UOP, with a law degree in 1983, she came home to await the results of the
State Bar Examination, only to stumble onto the career she had only dreamed of up until that point.
Following the advice of her mentor attorney, she applied for jobs in Humboldt County as either a deputy district attorney or public defender, so she would get extensive litigation experience before moving to a larger venue. She was hired by the local District Attorney’s office and was assigned the juvenile
assignment in which she prosecuted juvenile delinquent matters and represent children in juvenile dependency matters. She was a deputy district attorney for almost three years; in private practice for about eleven years, during which time she had a contract with the County to represent child and parents
in the court system and was privately retained to represent foster parents; and then in 1997 she was hired as the Juvenile and Family Court Commissioner. She remained the Commissioner until 2008, when she was elected Judge. After three years as a Criminal Court Judge, she returned to Juvenile Court as the
Presiding Judge in 2017.



Ian Ruddell

‘T’ Time

Ian Ruddell is just a regular guy with an interesting story. He graduated from college in 2013 with degrees in Multicultural and Gender Studies, Womens Studies, Sexual Diversity, and Sociology. He has given lectures on gender, inclusivity, best practices, sexual orientation, and his experience as a trans man. He’s looking forward to “T Time”, addressing some of the most common curiosities cisgender people have about transitioning from one gender to another.






Stacey Farmer

Sisters That Have Been There

Author, and re-entry specialist, Stacey Farmer caught a felony for petty theft for taking clothes for her baby at the age of 18. She then was caught in a cycle of incarceration for 19 years.

Today, she runs her own organization called Sisters That Have Been There, which is a support group for women and men who were recently released from incarceration. This program works to support people getting out of the system, so they can go on and live happy, productive lives.




Cheyenne ‘Tex’ Keith

The 10x Rule – Aspirations from Failure

Keith is currently a Humboldt State student double majoring in International Business Management and Accounting while partaking in athletics for the school as well. Keith has taken many leadership roles which include hosting community events, organizing fundraisers, being a captain in multiple sports and achieving state and national recognition in both academics and athletics.





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