Amy_BohnerI am drawn to Ted Talks because these are the voices of my community members. I know my fellow residents have “ideas worth sharing.” The first time I visited Humboldt County I remember I saw an older man in a business suit and polished shoes walk past a barefoot young woman with dreadlocks on her head and a bed roll on her back. This woman continued past a stocky man wearing a Pacific Lumber Co. t-shirt and an Army hat. They did not seem to notice… or perhaps they were simply not bothered by their differences. Everyone seemed to be accepted. I wanted to move here. I did one month later. That was 22 years ago.

This is my HOME.

I always feel like I am harboring this secret of how amazing it is here. I have traveled extensively around this Country and there is nowhere else I would rather live. People often complain about the fog but I love it. The redwoods and ferns and banana slugs wouldn’t be here without it! I appreciate how remote it is here and yet on any given night you can enjoy live theatre or a local band or attend a nonprofit event.

A simple visit to the grocery store can turn into a social outing. This community is ALIVE. I thoroughly look forward to the TEDx event next month. I am so honored to be a speaker. But most of all I anticipate sitting in the audience and listening to my neighbors… and new friends… tell their stories.

Hope to see you there.

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